Great Find: Soap & Glory Moisturizers

Great Find: Soap & Glory Moisturizers

A face product that actually improves your skin? Yes, please!

Soap & Glory’s “For Daily Youth” 6-in-1 Moisturizing Lotion

Soap & Glory’s “For Daily Youth” 6-in-1 Moisturizing Lotion

On one of my usual hauls at Ulta, I was in search of a paraben-free face moisturizer that would play nice with my awful skin type. I have very oily skin which still, even in my 30’s, is prone to breakouts if I’m not careful. I can typically keep this issue at bay with my GREAT FINDS which I’ll share with you often on this space, but it prevents me from being able to try everything I’ve ever wanted to try without wasting hundreds of dollars. That said, when I do try something new it’s not without lots of research behind it.

Soap & Glory is a British brand available at both Ulta and now also selectively at Target, although it seems that the S&G product mix is growing here. Their brand boilerplate says, “At Soap & Glory, we give you THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BEAUTY BUCK, because we believe while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn't matter absolutely.” Not only is it generally affordable but you can actually pronounce the ingredients within, which I prefer.

When I find a brand I like I make sure to try as many items as I can in their line, and I have found a few gems that win big in my book. There are two moisturizers that really stand out from the rest which I strongly suggest you try!


Pore fabulous.

The Fab Pore daily moisturizer from Soap & Glory

For folks who break out a lot or have visible pores / oily skin, try S&G’s Fab Pore Daily Micro Smoothing moisture lotion.

This is light teal in color, smells divine and makes your skin feel clean when you lightly massage it onto your face and neck.

The results speak for themselves; Right away your skin will feel fabulously soft, and after about 2 weeks you’ll have less breakouts and visibly smaller pores.

Whats also great is you don’t need a lot of this stuff either, so the tube lasts longer than you think.


Fountain of youth.

I’m not joking.

<— This. I pretty much had a meltdown in the aisle at Ulta when it disappeared from their shelf… actually ALL of their shelves, and I thought it had been discontinued.

I was pleasantly wrong. Seems Target sells it quite well and for a dollar less, so all is again well in the universe.

365 For Daily Youth 6-in-1 Moisturizer FEELS SO GOSHDARN GOOD, smells amazing and visibly makes my skin look and feel healthy. Within a week my skin was less red and frankly glowing.

Both tubes are the same size and consistency and you don’t need to layer it on. Less is more.

It’s rare to find beauty products this “with it” that actually work, so feel confident in trying this plus any other Soap & Glory product that may catch your eye.

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