Stressed Out? Maybe You Need More Music In Your Life.

Stressed Out? Maybe You Need More Music In Your Life.

SPOTIFY Playlists - Brilliant Medicine

For those that have a hectic work life and travel quite a bit, a pair of really good quality headphones becomes a necessary medicinal accessory. Whether you’re a busy mom, a corporate exec, or a busy mom who IS a corporate exec, managing your stress and introducing focus time is crucial. I’ve been introducing music throughout my day and making sure to LISTEN TO IT in order to calm my mind and spirit.


I’m a Spotify subscriber and believe me, it’s worth the $7.99 a month because it’s with me wherever I go and keeps me sane. Not only can I type in pretty much any musician or song I feel like listening to and simply hit PLAY, but I have access to their immense Podcast and Playlist menu.

The drive in to work is my time to relax and prepare, and in the summer time driving up Rte 34 along the coastline is the perfect backdrop for some rolled-down windows and killer tunes.

Here are some of my favorite Spotify Playlists to enjoy for relaxation, chill vibes, focus and general sanity. **These links will only work i you have a Spotify account, and will work on either desktop or through their mobile app. Try it!!

Jazz for Sleep: “Let these beautiful jazz tracks lull you to sleep.”

They say it’s for sleep but this playlist is great for playing at low volume in your office or while you’re trying to concentrate on something big-time important. It’s also great for the Sunday morning cleanup sesh or an evening of cooking for the family.

Deep Focus: “Keep calm and focus with atmospheric music.”

This one is a favorite of mine to play during work hours either on my headphones or quietly with a small Bluetooth speaker I have on my desk. A few of my friends tell me that they put this on to help their babies sleep, so it’s certainly multi-purpose AND essential!

Your Favorite Coffeehouse: “Curl up in your favorite spot with some sweet, mellow tunes…”

This one is great to play in the mornings getting ready, on the train going in or on the weekends before the rest of the family has had a chance to wake up. It’ll help you enjoy ‘quiet time’.

Workout: “Great pop songs to keep your workout fresh.”

Spotify has an entire “channel” dedicated to workout playlists. If you’re a runner, they have playlists designed to keep a steady beat that you can run to; Pick the right one for you so you can keep up. This might be my favorite part of Spotify.

Lulliby Baby: Lull you or your little ones to sleep with soothing, peaceful piano renditions of songs you know and love.

The “Kids and Family” section in Spotify is full of great playlists for you and your kids to enjoy. This one is one of many that might become essential in your house!

New Music Friday: “…kicks off the weekend with new music by…”

I like playing this on Friday mornings just to see what’s new. Most often I’m skipping tracks but I do find at least one new track that I really like on here per week which makes me feel like I’m staying relevant with today’s music trends. Hey, at least I’m trying!

Have your own favorite Spotify playlist? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!


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